Rules of Posting #Foodporn

It’s a sad moment when my social media timeline is plagued by gross food photos.  In college, my friend Nicole would send me images of horrid food pictures that came across her timeline. I mean absolutely terrifying gut-wrenching pictures. There is even a food-horror Instagram account, CookingforBae, that posts such food pictures.

Here is a list of the simple rules to follow to be a productive contributor to the #foodporn digital social sphere.

1. Give the Details

If you go out to eat something, and it was amazing, and you so choose to share it with the world, please do a service to your followers at let them know what you ordered & where it came from, otherwise #foodporn turns into #foodtorture.

2. Styrofoam Plates

Styrofoam plates are bad for the environment and bad for you if you microwave food on them. That being said, any food that you are so proud of making to share with everyone deserves to be mounted on something nicer or more creative.

3. Make it Bright

Dark food photos never look appealing, let alone visible.  Make sure you have a good white light source or play around with photo filters to lighten up any shadows.  It’s worth it to download a photo-editing app if you frequently post food pics. No one should squint to figure out what it is you’re eating.

 4. Not Too Bright

The improper use of flash can make the most beautiful food in front of you look awful.  The photo you post of your food should either look just as good as it does in person, or better with a little filter magic.

5. Wait Until You Enjoy Your Food

No one needs to see that half eaten burger with your lipstick marks on the bun. Thanks, but no thanks.

6. Kitchen Mistakes

Maybe you missed an ingredient, burnt the top, whatever your cooking mistake was, do your best to learn from your mistakes, and share your food photo with the world when you nail that recipe!

 7. I See You

It’s quirky and can be cute to take photos with your food, but if you can see your own shadow hovering over your plate, change your position that your taking picture from.

 8. Doesn’t Look Good, But Tastes Good

Yes it may have been the best casserole of your life, but if it came out looking like the goulash served in school cafeterias, you may have to keep that one to yourself.

What are your food related social media faux-pas? Post in the comments section!

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