The 7 Deadly Sins From Being Hangry

Hangry is an emotional state that is more than just a simple irritation.  It’s anger that is fueled by a weak faint feeling from low energy (from not eating) that can put you in a non-humanistic state of mind. Simple rational and etiquette goes out the window.

As a result from being in an improper state of mind, the hangry human is susceptible to behaviors not typical of balanced well-nourished being. I give you 7 Deadly Sins from Being Hangry.

1. Wrath

When one is hangry, everything that stands between you and food becomes the enemy. In Los Angeles traffic is a formidable opponent. During the lunch rush, long lines are tough to cope with.  But none of these are as greater targets for hangry wrath as an indecisive, slow moving lunch buddy.  You don’t care if they want to stick to their juice cleanse, you WILL be having a solid meal that doesn’t involve kale.

2. Lust

If you’re at the fine line between hunger & hanger stay off Instagram. #foodporn will not help inspire you what to have for lunch.  You will simply drive yourself mad seeing an amazing Bahn Mi from a place 2 hours away.

3. Envy

Seeing other patrons enjoy their meal as you impatiently wait to be served is bloody torturous. Do yourself a favor and opt for a quick service cafeteria style eatery to stay in control.

4. Gluttony

If there is ever the right moment to try one of those restaurant ‘food challenges’ your alter-ego in this hangry state will back you up. In a ‘Man v. Food’ challenge, food doesn’t stand a chance against a hangry human.

5. Greed

So what if you ordered an double-double animal style with animal fries and a vanilla chocolate shake? No you may not ‘try a fry’! If your dining companions desire to ‘sample’ a menu item, they’re best ordering one for themselves.

6. Cannibalism

Ever bite your tongue while eating? Perhaps a finger? Slow down kidd.

7. Blackout

Defcon9 of hanger. Somewhere between getting food & not getting what you wanted, something went awry.

You can’t be quite sure how your clothes got tattered, or how there’s a million feathers in the backseat of your car. To remain in the dark on this matter avoid watching your local nightly news.

Want to be a saint instead of a sinner? Buy a snack.

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